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Financial Counselling

  • Our trustee has helped thousands of Nova Scotians get back on track financially
  • We will discuss your present financial situation and assess your financial difficulties
  • We will review your options to solve these financial troubles, including:
    • Review and discussion of your income and expenses
    • Discussion of assets you could sell to reduce debt
    • Other financial options available to you including: revising your present debt payment plan, a consolidation loan, a credit counselling debt management program or an informal debt settlement.

Proposal to Creditors

  • A proposal to creditors can help you avoid bankruptcy while reducing your total debt burden
  • This option can help you get control of your debts and back on track financially


  • Bankruptcy allows individuals and businesses that have become insolvent to reduce or eliminate their debt
  • As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we can help you through this process

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